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  • Roxanne Fee

Team Building Event

We at Pretty in the Pines aren’t just about weddings. I mean we do ABSOLUTELY love and excel at milestone events -- but our infectious fun and event planning expertise spills over into many special occasions. One of which is corporate events in and around Saskatoon.

When people hear “corporate events” they may envision stuffy, boring office meetings with no air flow and a plate of stale muffins in the middle of a conference table. But here at Pretty In the Pines we don’t do “stuffy” -- we do engaging, fun, and exciting.

When KPMG asked us to host their Team Building event we were over the moon as we knew their staff were just coming out the end of a long “busy season” and needed an injection of lively camaraderie.

After consulting with KPMG, we understood the group wanted a laid-back event where employees could have a drink and some good food with their co-workers after completing some collaborative games. KPMG was pretty enthusiastic about wanting the day to incorporate some Minute to Win it games and we more than delivered!

The group of 60+ KPMG employees started the event by meeting at High Key Brewing going on a photo scavenger hunt. Each group (chosen randomly so that everyone was mingling) read their clues and went from location to location in and around High Key to take pictures of their group in front of or standing with all the answers. First team back won extra points but fun was had by all!

With spirits up and blood flowing, the group jumped right into Minute to Win it games, with a shotgun start so each group of 6 got to it right away. We kept balloons up in the air, we shoved marshmallows in our mouths, and we carried cotton balls across the room using nothing but our noses and petroleum jelly, among many more activities.

All the teams scored themselves using the scoring key provided and a heavy dose of the honour system. This enabled us to keep the games running smoothly and keep our eye on that One Minute clock.

After all that exertion, we invited our KPMG to have a seat with a High Key beverage and play a rousing round of trivia. With answers like Tim Hortons, The Moon and India, the answers were literally all over the map! Now it was time for Pretty in the Pines to tally up the Scavenger Hunt, Minute to Win It games, Trivia answers and the map of Canada that each team had to label (did we mention there was a geography component?! We’re very well-rounded!)

After all that it was definitely snack time. Hearth Restaurant came with the best appies anyone had ever seen and our crew devoured it all while mingling with cocktails and going on brewery tours. High Key is the ideal chilled atmosphere to throw a mixer due to their amazingly laidback staff, cozy long tables perfect for conversation, and interactive brewery tours complete with delicious samples.

KPMG staff then sat down to an amazing Hearth dinner spread--all gluten free to accommodate members of KPMG staff. There was no skimping on the taste and creatively of the dishes --roast chicken and carrots in blue cheese, pork ribs and sweet ricotta dessert served in teacups were the highlights among many.

Suddenly the sun was setting and reluctantly the KPMG staff began to head home -- there was still a full day of work tomorrow. Everyone left smiling and happy -- the sign of a truly successful event. The objective of the day was for the KPMG crew to relax and mingle and have an amazing time together and we consider that a job DONE!

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